Coleman top for donations from financial sector, taking down economy

Sen. Norm Coleman is the top incumbent when it comes to donations from the financial sector, according to a new Center for Responsive Politics report.

Is there some way to correlate this to the collapse of the economy? Because that would be a really awesome ad for the Al Franken campaign.

Coleman has received $2,749,996 this election cycle from the financial sector, which totals 20.2 percent of his total donations.

CRP also reported that Senators and House members who voted for the more than $700 billion bailout package were more likely to get donations from the financial sector:

Last week CRP found that the 263 House members who voted in favor of the bailout bill have received an average of $833,077 since 1989 from the industries that were most interested in having the bill passed. The 171 opponents, comparatively, had collected $589,417, on average. On the Senate side, the senators who supported the bailout received an average of $3,986,723 from the finance sector since 1989--139 percent more than the opponents, who received $1,671,029, on average.

We thought Coleman voted for this because it was going to make the American people rich. Gosh, we're fooled again.

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