Coleman to use campaign donations for his defense

No charges have been filed against either of them, but Sen. Norm Coleman and his wife, Laurie Coleman, both hired lawyers to defend them in case the lawsuit against his buddy Naser Kazeminy turns on them. 

Kazeminy is accused in lawsuits of sending the Coleman's $75,000 in 2007 through Laurie Coleman's workplace. And how is he paying for the defense? Campaign donations.

More from the Star Tribune:

Norm Coleman has hired Doug Kelley, Laurie Coleman is represented by Earl Gray, Hays is aligned with Doug Peterson and Kazeminy has secured the services of Joe Friedberg. Kelley, Gray and Peterson are former federal prosecutors now engaged in criminal defense and white-collar litigation. For years they have been mainstays in the federal judicial system in Minnesota, working cases ranging from fraud to drugs to homicide.
In the past, Friedberg has been the attorney representing Winthrop & Weinstine law firm in Minneapolis, which once employed Coleman and currently claims Kazeminy as a client.

Politico says Coleman is paying for the defense with campaign contributions:

"We intend to have any legal fees related to what we believe to be a politically inspired legal action to be covered by the senator's campaign," said Coleman spokesman Luke Friedrich. 
The tactic may be risky: The Federal Election Commission allows elected officials to use their war chests to pay legal bills only if the action/investigations arise as a result of their tenure in office or campaigns.

The allegations pre-date the official election season, but Coleman's campaign says the allegations came out in a politically-fueled last minute lawsuit. Political says Coleman will need an FEC advisory opinion and it appears they will do that.

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