Coleman suggests an election redo, state cringes


Most people in this state could probably agree that having to vote once for these Minnesota U.S. Senate candidates was enough to last us a lifetime. Having to do it again would actually make voting a painful chore.

Norm Coleman repeated some rhetoric his lawyers have been running on lately: maybe it's time for an election redo.

More from the Pioneer Press:
Outside the courtroom, Republican Norm Coleman, who sued to overturn Franken's narrow lead, said the judges' job might be impossible.

"The number of illegal ballots may far exceed the difference between the candidates, and how the court resolves that, I don't know," Coleman told reporters. "Whether we can clean this up and whether we can sort it out, I can't tell you right now."

Asked whether one solution may be to redo the election -- a possibility one of his attorneys raised in a letter to the judges -- Coleman said: "In the end, I think, that's something folks have to think about. ... The court is going to have to reflect on that."

Election law experts told the PiPress that another election isn't something the judges are likely considering. Franken's attorney's are echoing that argument. "There is no precedent. There is no law. There is no statute. There is no rule. There is nothing in Minnesota that would suggest that one could simply suggest that one could simply start over again," said Franken attorney Marc Elias in the PiPress.

Maybe we are a broken record, but this recount trial continues to circle back to the same idea: When one possible angle to a win fails, try something new. Coleman's team is running out of options. Now they are left with an election redo or a Supreme Court fight. Shake us back to life when this is over.