Coleman speaks out against "sleazy politics" lawsuit


At least this time Coleman isn't completely avoiding reporters on important issues. Well, sort of. Sen. Norm Coleman spoke to reporters on Friday in Moorhead about the lawsuit against Coleman's buddy, Nasser Kazeminy.

The suit alleges Kazeminy had his employees funnel $75,000 to Coleman through his wife's workplace. Coleman said the suit is "false and defamatory."

According to the Associated Press:

Coleman said he believes Minnesotans will "see it for what it is -- sleazy politics -- and reject it out of hand."

Coleman said his wife, Laurie, "has been devastated by this."

The Star Tribune has his full statement.

Politico also has a blog post about the accounting records showing the transfer. You can view the full document here.

The documents, intended to bolster a lawsuit McKim filed Monday against Kazeminy over the latter's handling of the company's finances, includes an invoice for an April 2007 payment of $25,000 to the Hays company and a wire transfer showing the payout.

But the most interesting exhibit in an apprent ledger of "past due" payments to vendors that includes a $25,000 Hays payment -- circled in pen, with the handwritten instruction: "Please pull this detail and delete... 8/19/08"

Another document in the packet contains a possible, more vanilla explanation: payment of an annual $100,000 for "property...casualty and marine" coverage for the company, Deep Marine Technology.