Coleman says he's been loyal, no ladies in his basement pad

Mary Lahammer got down to business in her interview with Sen. Norm Coleman. While the senator has completely stonewalled reporters about who buys his suits, he opened up about his relationship with his wife, Laurie Coleman:

Coleman responded to all the whispers and blogger claims that he cheats on his wife. Coleman said he's been true to his wife, although he conceded his marriage hasn't been perfect, he said his marriage is stronger now than it has ever been.

And his wife living in Los Angeles? Just not true, he says.

For the record Coleman told me they no longer have a place in LA and they only briefly had a place for her to stay there while she was working and that was never where she lived. Norm says Laurie drove car pool for years and if she was living somewhere else who would have been taking care of their children.

And Lahammer finally got some personality out of Laurie, a first from one of this year's 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill who is normally hiding from the public (except when she is trying to sell the infamous Blo & Go or become the next Hollywood shining star).

Laurie was very open and emotional talking about the loss of her two children in infancy from a rare syndrome. Laurie showed depth and dimension that the public hasn't seen before. She does know what the bloggers write and she says she counsels Norm to just "send them love."

The whole Big Three show runs Oct. 22 at 8:00 pm on TPT-2.

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