Coleman rests case asking for a revote, Franken up next


Norm Coleman's legal team concluded their case Monday with their big statement of the trial: Let's put the results aside. We can already hear Minnesotans cheering with excitement as they have to drag themselves out to relive the horror.

Next up: Al Franken's legal team will present their argument that the election was largely well done. Expect another two to three weeks before the arguments are done.

More from the Star Tribune:

Coleman lawyer Jim Langdon wrote the three-judge panel to suggest the problems are so serious they may not be able to declare a winner.

"Some courts have held that when the number of illegal votes exceeds the margin between the candidates -- and it cannot be determined for which candidate those illegal votes were cast -- the most appropriate remedy is to set aside the election," Langdon wrote in a letter to the court.

Franken's lawyers start their case today, trying to prove that the election was fair. At the same time, they are going to try to arguethat 804 rejected absentee ballots should be reconsidered.

More than 100 voters could testify for Franken.

Remember Coleman's witness that was removed, reinstated, and removed again from the stand? She was their only witness of supposed double counting during the election. Well, she made it back to the stand after Coleman's team got charged a hefty fine. The three-judge panel charged them $7,500 for failing to disclose a document from the Republican election judge.

Franken also lost three votes Monday after the judges decided the absentee voters failed to sign documents of didn't update their registration. They were among 24 voters who had their votes approved during the trial.