Coleman: My trial is way more important than Law & Order, but really boring

When your election trial is a total snooze and Minnesotans are completely losing interest in the dull testimony, just make a really hip pop culture reference and we'll all care again. That's the trick. 

After his continuing election trial ended for the day Wednesday, Norm Coleman spoke to reporters briefly and compared his trial to popular TV show Law & Order. His trial is much more important, but not as fun to watch.


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"What you're observing out there may not seem as exciting as what you see on Law & Order," said Coleman. "But the principles that we're fighting for, that I fully believe are being established today, are more important than anything you'll see on Law & Order." 

Later on he said that the trial is "not as exciting as Law & Order, though I'd take [Coleman attorney] Joe Friedberg over Fred Thompson, at least in the courtroom."

In real trial news, Deputy Secretary of State Jim Gelbmann was on the stand all day Wednesday discussing votes that might have been improperly rejected, according to the Pioneer Press

Republican Norm Coleman's attorney, Joe Friedberg, asked Deputy Secretary of State Jim Gelbmann this: 

"Based on the order of the Supreme Court, based on the closeness of the race, based on the candidates' own wishes, desires and motives, people whose votes should be counted, in your expert opinion and in the opinion of the counties, have been disenfranchised, correct?" 

"That is absolutely correct," Gelbmann replied.

While Gelbmann's statement backs up Coleman's current plea to count every vote, the argument also backfired. When questioned by Al Franken's attorney, Gelbmann said Coleman hadn't pushed for those votes to be counted during the recount. Gelbmann also noted that uncounted votes were most likely the result of unintended human error that is apparent in any election. No conspiracies here, folks. Move along.

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