Coleman: Minn. is short one senator, but let's take our sweet time


Norm Coleman's legal team can't seem to make up their mind. They insist on a speedy trial, but when it actually comes down to it, they want this Minnesota Supreme Court appeal to drag out longer than anyone can handle the misery. We lost patience long ago.

Coleman submitted documents to the state Supreme Court Wednesday that requested a slower trial than what Al Franken asked for. Franken had asked the court to set a May 4 deadline for all briefs, bur Coleman thinks May 15 would be more convenient for him. We're wondering if Coleman understands that Minnesotans find having two senators ASAP most convenient.


More from the Star Tribune:

The Coleman camp said in documents that while it recognizes a need to resolve the case "as expeditiously as possible," the two sides and the court "must be given enough time to fully develop and consider the issues on appeal."

On Wednesday, Coleman's lawyers asked to have until April 30 to file their detailed arguments. They would give Franken 11 days to submit a reply and would file a final response by May 15. At that point, Coleman attorney James Langdon wrote, the court could schedule the oral arguments "at a time convenient to it."

When all is said and done, Coleman might have an additional legal bill to pay off. In other documents filed yesterday, Franken's team says Coleman owes them $16,132 for court delays. When the three-judge panel ruled in Franken's favor, they said Coleman should pay Franken's costs for the three-day delay. Those lawyers representing Franken sure aren't cheap.

More from the Pioneer Press:

In March, the trial court fined the Coleman team $7,500 to make up for the delay Howell's on-again, off-again testimony caused.

The affidavit the Franken attorneys filed this week discloses that it took trial attorneys and a paralegal 38.5 hours to prepare for Howell's testimony. It also discloses the hourly rates for Franken's main attorneys: David Lillehaug charged a rate of $418 per hour; Marc Elias charged $538 per hour; and Kevin Hamilton charged $464 per hour.