Coleman makes life easy for late night talk show kings


We're nearing the end of the work day of yet another week losing patience by the second. Minnesotans are annoyed, fed up, flat-out pissed off. If we don't have a senator by Fourth of July, the state could very well erupt in riots. Unlikely though considering this battle has just let us utterly exhausted and numb to politics.

Besides the political parties raking in bank during this cat fight, there are others who benefit from our misery: the late night talk show hosts. Norm Coleman is pretty hilarious, isn't he?

Politico has a round-up of some of the recent jokes made at Coleman's expense. They are usually associated with Iran's election problems. Check it out here.

Our favorite:

So now they're going through the recount. They're recounting the ballots cast in the Iranian election, and today they found 14 more votes for Norm Coleman."

-- Letterman, June 17