Coleman lawyer has helped shady donor

In the latest in the Norm Coleman-Al Franken Senate face-off, Coleman has chosen a lawyer who, um, kind of gives him an image problem.

Coleman picked Joe Friedberg to lead the legal challenge to the recount that declared Franken the new senator from Minnesota.

Only problem is, Friedberg also represents Nasser Kazeminy, the donor who has been sued in Texas for allegedly channelling $75,000 to Coleman without reporting the donation. 

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The list of clients that Freidberg represents includes Nasser Kazeminy, a major GOP donor and businessman who allegedly funneled $75,000 to Coleman's family. Kazeminy has been sued in Texas court for directing payments to the Senator's wife for the purpose of helping out the family financially, under the guise of insurance coverage. Coleman never reported this money on his ethics reports, and he may be under investigation by both the FBI and the Senate Ethics Committee.

  The drama never ends.

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