Coleman lawyer clarifies statement, hasn't given up all hope


Norm Coleman's recount trial lawyer Joe Friedberg got a lot of attention today when he pretty much conceded the election trial to Al Franken's team.

Well giving up hope before you've even heard from the judges is probably not the best idea. Believe in yourself, Friedberg! Have you failed as a lawyer? So he came back to clarify his statement. Not take it back, but clarify it.

From the Pioneer Press:

Today, Friedberg declined to answer questions, but issued what he described as a "clarification." He didn't deny any of what he said on the radio, but emphasized he believes Coleman's legal strategy has merit.

"I believe that our position of enfranchising thousands of Minnesotans who had not had their ballots counted was, and remains, the proper way to proceed," Friedberg's statement reads, in part. It continues, "I feel confident that if the court proceeds with wisdom and with decisions based on the facts, and on the law, that we will succeed in our case."