Coleman is Pawlenty's "main man" in the Jewish community

As we watched Gov. Tim Pawlenty rise to national recognition this last year, we have to admit our No. 1 concern was whether he had any chance to bring in the Jewish vote. He's got a mullet! It's a tricky tight rope of politics, but former Sen. Norm Coleman came to the rescue and assures us that Jews will have no problem liking Pawlenty. Thank you for calming our fears. He's Pawlenty's "main man" in the Jewish community, apparently.

In an interview for The Jewish Week, Coleman talks about Pawlenty's values that are so incredibly Jewish:

Pawlenty's main man in the Jewish community is former Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.), whose 2008 defeat at the hands of Sen. Al Franken was in the courts for many months.

"His appeal to Jewish voters will be the same as for voters across the board," Coleman told me last week. "He is thoughtful and smart, he understands that our party has to unite and reach out rather than divide. He knows how to get things done. The qualities he has I wish more in our party had."

"What Tim has is appeal to center-right voters," Coleman said. "And I believe that more and more in the Jewish community see themselves as center-right. That doesn't mean you abandon the most conservative in the party; they're part of the mix. But the ability to draw independents is critical."

Aren't politics fun when you can dump an entire religion and community into one political leaning? It just makes the world so much easier to understand! Labels make the world go round.

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