Coleman in new video: I will win this election

In a new Web video, Norm Coleman goes through a run down of his election contest. He says if the election is reviewed fairly, he will win the election.

While nothing new, the video is the first time we heard these arguments from the horse's mouth. 

The state Canvassing Board certified a vote total with a 225-vote lead for Al Franken, Coleman filed an election contest.

Here is the video:
Here is the transcript, from the Pioneer Press
No doubt you have heard much about the ongoing Minnesota Senate election over the past few months. I wanted to take a moment to update you on the latest in the process and make sure you know how and why I fully expect to win this election.
Next week, we will formally begin the "election contest" phase of this process. The election contest is specifically set up under Minnesota law to examine issues that could not be dealt with in the administrative recount - and to ensure that the results are fair and accurate.
During the recount a number of serious problems arose - problems that were left unresolved.
We fully believe that Al Franken's artificial lead will disappear when the following errors are corrected in the contest phase: 
First, there were a number of ballots that were counted twice. These double-counted votes accrued overwhelmingly in Al Franken's favor. When corrected, I will gain upwards of 100 votes.
Secondly, the inconsistent treatment of thousands of rejected absentee ballots has dramatically skewed the results. Simply put, certain types of ballots were counted in one area but were not counted in other areas. These ballots were counted overwhelmingly in pro-Franken areas. When a consistent standard is applied statewide, the vote totals will change drastically. 
Third, a number of alleged "missing ballots" were counted during the recount - even though no one could actually prove that these ballots ever existed. These votes again accrued in Franken's favor. When corrected we will gain over 40 votes. 
Minnesotans can rest assured that I will continue fighting to ensure that every vote is counted, that no votes are counted twice, that the process is fair and accurate - even while Al Franken continues his attempt to short circuit Minnesota law and get seated without having won the election. 
Your support has been greatly appreciated throughout my campaign, throughout the recount and during the current contest phase. 
Let me be clear: when the votes were counted on Election Day, I had the lead. When the counties and Secretary of State completed their initial canvassing process, I had the lead. And I fully expect that when the election contest is completed - if it is done fairly, with no votes counted twice and with all voters treated equally - I will win this election. 
Thank you and God Bless.