Coleman goes to Harvard

If Norm Coleman planned on avoiding that whole "losing" a recount to a comedian thing, he's out of luck. The former Minnesota senator is going to be a Harvard visiting fellow in November at the Institute of Politics.

And what else does he really have to talk about? His days as a pot-smoking Democrat? Nope, he'll probably have to open the recount wounds for all of the students hoping to get Coleman to choke up a little. We just hope he tells a good joke or two about his D.C. basement apartment.

He'll be meeting with student groups, lead discussions on his work in public service and participate in classes.

He'll be in good company, according to Minnesota Public Radio:

Other visiting fellows include Terry McAuliffe, former Democratic National Committee Chairman and recent Democratic candidate for Governor of Virginia, and Ursula Plassnik, Member of the Austrian Parliament, Special Envoy for the International Women's network of the Austrian Ministry for European and International Affairs and former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Austria and former President of the Council of the European Union.

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