Coleman gives back the dirty money... kinda

Sure, Norm Coleman dumped the $20,000 he received from the GOP's blowhard turned blow toy, Ted Stevens. To withstand any attacks from the Franken camp, he even donated the sum to charity. Normy sure is slick. But as Talking Points Memo points out, he didn't really give back all the money.

Eric Kleefeld reports that:

Coleman donated to charity the $20,000 he's received from Stevens PAC -- but that's only the amount he's received for this cycle. The campaign told the Star Tribune that the additional $10,000 he also received during the 2002 cycle was long since spent, and he couldn't get rid of money for a campaign that had been over years ago.

So I guess his campaign is now using Snickers logic, an art form perfected by siblings on Halloween night. It goes like this: little brother pilfers his older sister's bag of sweets. Older sister finds out and tells mom. Mom tells son to give back the candy. So little brother hands over two bite-size pieces. When sister asks about the whereabouts of the other candies, little brother says he already ate them and cannot give them back... unless older sister wants them in turd form.

As a little brother, I totally understand Coleman's logic. Yet TPM points out that Coleman hasn't always done this sort of thing:

But as it turns out, that wasn't a problem for him in January 2006, when the Star Tribune reported that he got rid of money connected to Jack Abramoff that in fact dated to 2002. So why the differing standard this time around?

Well, he's probably a little scared that Franken might not be the Oliver North of Minnesota. And then there are the growing actor fees associated with a growing number of bowling ads. And then there's all that product he needs to keep his hair perfectly in place. Seriously, you been to Aveda lately? That shit is spendy...

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