Coleman/Franken torture continues, goes into recount


How could we be so silly to think this would all be over like every other election in the country? Of course this election will continue to haunt us for days to come as the state goes back and recounts every vote in the state.

Sen. Norm Coleman is ahead of Al Franken by just more than 1,000 votes of 2.9 million cast in the state, according to the Secretary of State office. All but nine of Minnesota's 4,130 precincts have reported in. That means an automatic recount that could take several days.

Here is the law via Jason DeBlog:

An automatic recount for state and federal contests in a general election when the difference between the votes of the winning candidate and any other candidate is less than 0.5% of the total number of votes counted for that office.

Despite the recount, the Associated Press called the race for Coleman last night.

We're still in shock thinking about how the exit polls showed Coleman down by 12 points. Never trust exit polls.

KSTP has an interview with Secretary of State Mark Ritchie talking about the recount:

Franken released a statement this morning, ensuring voters that this race isn't over quite yet:

Let me be clear: This race is too close to call, and we do not yet know who won. We are lucky enough to live in a state with built-in protections to ensure that in close elections like these, the will of the people is accurately reflected in the outcome.

This has been a long campaign, and it's going to be a little longer before we have a winner. Senator Coleman, Senator Barkley, and I have done a lot of talking. Minnesotans have waited a long time to have THEIR say. And thanks to our state's laws, we will eventually understand precisely what they have said.

Coleman will hold a press conference at 11 to talk about the recount.

We will continue to update Blotter as details on the recount and final decisions are made.