Coleman donor tries to discredit ex-associate in money funneling case

Coleman donor tries to discredit ex-associate in money funneling case

On Friday, we reported that an ex-associate of one of Norm Coleman's buddies and donors gave a sworn deposition about the attempt to funnel $100,000 to Coleman's family. Coleman and his wife are not parties in the suit and there are no suits yet that allege Coleman actually received the money. 

In response to the negative press, Nasser Kazeminy released a statement about his ex-associate to try and discredit his testimony in the case against him.

The Pioneer Press has the

full statement

from Kazeminy's spokeswoman. Here is an excerpt:

As a result of allegations raised by Paul McKim and B.J. Thomas, terminated disgruntled former employees of Deep Marine, the Board of Directors of Deep Marine, as is customary, delegated to an independent special litigation committee the authority to retain independent counsel, conduct an investigation, and report back to the Board with its findings. This investigation has been ongoing for months.

B.J. Thomas, the former CFO at Deep Marine, was terminated because he failed to disclose to Deep Marine that he had been previously barred by the SEC from engaging in certain accounting activities. It is, therefore, not surprising that both Mr. Thomas and Mr. McKim would participate in disseminating these inaccurate and untruthful comments in order to pursue their own financial gain.

Read the full deposition here.

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