Coleman donor tried to funnel him $100,000, according to sworn deposition

Coleman donor tried to funnel him $100,000, according to sworn deposition

The lawsuit filed last year accusing Norm Coleman's buddy of trying to funnel cash to the then-senator has surfaced once again, this time with more evidence to back up the allegations, says the Star Tribune.

Nasser Kazeminy, a close friend of Coleman, was accused of sending $75,000 through the workplace of Coleman's wife to get back to the family because he didn't think senators made enough money.

B.J. Thomas, the former chief financial officer of Deep Marine Technology, confirmed these allegations in a deposition last week. Kazeminy controls Deep Marine Technology in Texas.

Thomas said that the company paid $75,000 to insurance agency Hays Companies even though there was no evidence they received any consulting services.

Just weeks before the November election, the two lawsuits were filed. Kazeminy denied the allegations and Coleman's lawyers tried to claim the lawsuits were a dirty political trick by Al Franken's team.

More from the Strib:

Thomas' deposition, taken under oath on March 19 and obtained by the Star Tribune, is the first corroboration from an official at Deep Marine of allegations made by company founder Paul McKim in a lawsuit filed last year against the company.

Thomas gave his deposition last week to attorneys assigned by Deep Marine to investigate McKim's allegations. K.B. Battaglini, an attorney in charge of Deep Marine's private investigation, said he would submit a final report to the company in about a month.

Doug Kelley, Norm Coleman's attorney, said Wednesday that no matter how much money Deep Marine paid to Hays, "I can assure you that not a penny found its way to Laurie Coleman or Senator Norm Coleman. Period. End of story.''

In the deposition transcript, Thomas was asked, "In that conversation that you had with Mr. Kazeminy, did he tell you, quote, United States senators don't make shit, close quote? Or words to that effect?" He replied: "Yes, sir.''

Thomas is a former conservative radio talk show host and a certified public accountant.

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