Coleman: Democrats kicked me out of the cool club and ruin lives


Norm Coleman must have just assumed he could keep on working as a pretend senator after his term ended this weekend. Coleman's office still has 400 open cases with constituents and he is speaking out, claiming that the Democrats promised him more time and now they screwed him over.

The Democratic leadership didn't hesitate to lock up his office space and promptly shut down any legitimate work his staffers were trying to finish, the Associated Press says.

Coleman is still locked in a battle to win back his U.S. Senate seat. Al Franken is currently in the lead with 225 votes, but Coleman has contested the results.

More from the AP:

Coleman told The Associated Press Friday that Reid had initially agreed to let his staffers take 60 days to wrap up 400 open cases. Normally, Senate offices use the two months between Election Day and the end of the term to wrap up cases, but there was no clear winner in the Minnesota race.

Coleman says this is "real-life stuff," adding that people have been left "in the darkness."

A spokesman for Senate Majority Harry Reid of Nevada denies there was ever such a deal.

So was there a deal or not? Who can we trust on this one? Both have been flip flopping their lives away as of late.

Coleman's office should be able to finish their open cases because we care about Minnesotans. Coleman, on the other hand, should be given a good slap on the wrist for assuming he could just keep right on working despite not getting his job back. It's like telling your boss you didn't finish all of your work before your termination date, but you still deserve to be paid while you tie up loose ends. It doesn't work like that.

What a weird couple months we have had. We'll give Coleman a free pass on this one because we are in total "uncharted territory". How cliche.