Coleman continues to challenge recount tally


The three-judge panel determined which absentee ballots would be considered last week. Norm Coleman's legal team contested it, the panel said 'no way' and now the lawyers won't let it go.

Coleman's team has continued to argue that the panel's ruling means there are many ballots already counted that are now considered illegal.

More from the Star Tribune:

It's a mess that only the court can fix, Coleman spokesman Ben Ginsberg said.

"There are more illegal votes in the current counts than in Al Franken's erstwhile [225-vote] lead, ... the margin in the race right now," Ginsberg said after Thursday's proceedings.

Ginsberg said that testimony on Thursday made it clear that most local election officials didn't check to see whether all absentee-ballot witnesses were registered, thus letting ballots be counted that the court says shouldn't have been.

At least Coleman's team is speeding up the painful process, the Pioneer Press says.
After weeks of slow-moving testimony from local elections officials about hundreds of ballots, the Coleman campaign dashed through testimony.

"I want to congratulate the parties for getting through nine and a half election jurisdictions," said Judge Denise Reilly, one of the three members of the election trial's judicial panel, at the end of the day. The half jurisdiction was from Pamela Fuller from Olmsted County, who had started her testimony Wednesday.