Coleman cleared of wrongdoing in Kazeminy suit


The Texas company involved in a lawsuit centered around one of Norm Coleman's friends and donors cleared Coleman of any wrongdoing in the case, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

The company's special litigation committee conducted an eight-month investigation into the lawsuit claims and found no basis for them. The lawsuit, filed by the company's former CEO, alleged that Nasser Kazeminy tried to funnel $75,000 to Coleman's family through the company Coleman's wife worked for.

Coleman was never a party in the suit.

Lawyers asked a judge in Texas to dismiss the case and the judge is expected to decide on Friday.

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Kazeminy's attorney Robert Weinstine says the committee conducted an eight-month investigation and found no merit to the claims.

"This was nothing short of an effort to extort or blackmail people with lies," said Weinstine. "I've tried cases for 40 years, I just don't say those things."