Coleman claims victory despite recount


Leave it to Norm Coleman to ignore the fact that the state does an automatic recount in tight races and start celebrating early. You might have won, Coleman, but hold your horses.

At a news conference this morning, Coleman declared victory and in classic school recess jabs, blamed Al Franken for the automatic recount.

According to Minnesota Public Radio:

In a late morning news conference, Coleman thanked his supporters and voters for giving him a second six-year term.

"Yesterday the voters spoke. We prevailed," Coleman said. He noted that Franken could opt to waive the recount.

"It's up to him whether such a step is worth the tax dollars it will take to conduct," Coleman said, telling reporters he would "step back" if he were in Franken's position trailing in the vote.

Franken said the recount should move forward. "We won't know for a little while who won the race, but at the end of the day we will know the voice of the electorate is clearly heard," Franken said at an early-morning news conference. "This has been a long campaign, but it is going to be a little longer before we have a winner."

Shouldn't the politics of this election be done with? It's state law to recount! Franken isn't taking this to court or saying anything obnoxious. He's being quite civil and following standard procedure. Can we pay something extra to speed up the recount and get this race over with?