Coleman campaign will file appeal next week

Norm Coleman attorney Ben Ginsberg held a press conference call this morning to talk in more detail about the three-judge panel opinion issued last night and their upcoming appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Coleman has insured that they will file their appeal quickly, but Ginsberg said they will likely need until next week to get through the opinion and file a thorough appeal to the court. The campaign has 10 days to do so.

Ginsberg continued to argue that Minnesotans still "don't have a count that is accurate or fair" and the equal protection argument has been "swept under the rug".

The panel decided to work for "expediency over accuracy" and their decisions won't stand up the state Supreme Court, Ginsberg said. They instead wasted their time giving pats on the back for the Minnesota system. And although Ginsberg noted we have one of the best election systems in the country, it can still be better even if it isn't perfect.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty said he will definitely wait until after the state Supreme Court appeal is complete before issuing an election certificate. He has also noted that he will take a look at their decision to determine if they accurately analyzed Coleman's case and might wait until a U.S. Supreme Court case before issuing the certificate that would allow Franken to begin work.

Ginsberg said Coleman's campaign has not been in contact with Pawlenty's office on the issue.

Franken's campaign will also speak this afternoon at 1 p.m. about the decision. We will have more information this afternoon.