Coleman camp reacts to Reid's recount statement


Norm Coleman's campaign was not happy to see Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid jumping in on the nearly constant commentary of the Minnesota recount. They even called on Al Franken to disavow the comments. Harsh. 

On Wednesday, we reported that Reid called the state's Canvassing Board decision not to include absentee ballots was a "cause for major concern". 

Here is what Franken lead recount attorney Marc Elias had to say, according to All Headline News:
"We are encouraged that the Board is going to have further deliberations next week, preventing at least some of the absentee voters from being disenfranchised... these votes will be counted, and based on today's meeting, I remain more confident than ever that that is true. Whether it is at the county level, before the Canvass Board, before the courts, or before the United States Senate, we don't know yet," Elias added.
And here is Coleman's campaign response, also from AHN:
Coleman campaign manager Cullen Sheehan said in a statement Elias' remarks were "a stunning admission by the Franken campaign that they are willing to take this process away from Minnesotans if they fail to win the recount." He added, "It is even more stunning that the Democratic Senate leader would inject himself into the Minnesota election process. "We call upon Al Franken to personally disavow his attorney's comments, and to commit to Minnesotans that he will not allow this election to be overturned by the leadership of the Democratic Senate. Al Franken owes it to the people of this state to reject any and all efforts to stop a Minnesota Senator from being sworn in on January 6th if Norm Coleman continues to be shown to have won this election after the recount," Sheehan also said.