Coleman camp: Franken on a 'senator for a day PR stunt'


We reported earlier that Al Franken was on a fun "Senator for a Day" adventure this week and calling himself a senator-elect. Not surprisingly, Norm Coleman's campaign agrees.

They responded after Franken got a fair amount of press for his listening tour with Minnesota mayors.

USA Today was on the story and got the following response from Coleman's campaign:
Luke Friedrich, Coleman's press secretary, called the listening tour "Al Franken's 'senator for a day' public relations stunt."

"We have all seen that Al Franken has no regard for the Minnesota election process, but pretending to be a senator before we know who really won is just another sign of desperation from a candidate who's worried about what will happen if all the votes are counted," Friedrich said in an email to USA TODAY.

Franken spokeswoman Jee McIntosh also told USA Today that Franken has been using the title "Senator-Elect" since Jan. 5 when Franken was certified the winner of the recount.