Coleman appeal: Partisan lines drawn


We might not have any actual news in the never-ending fight for Minnesota's U.S. Senate race until next week when Norm Coleman actually files an appeal, but the partisan hacks will continue to milk this over-dramatic issue for all it's worth. There's gotta some more cash they can squeeze out of donors, right?

The DNC has purchased radio ad time in the Twin Cities urging Coleman to concede and allow Al Franken to take his seat in the Senate. Listen to the ad here.

From their news release:

Today, the Democratic National Committee announced it will begin running a radio ad in Minneapolis/St. Paul calling on Norm Coleman to concede the Minnesota Senate race to Democrat Al Franken. The ad will run on news talk radio stations in the Twin Cities and comes one day after a three judge panel in Minnesota decisively and overwhelmingly declared Franken the winner of the contested race and said he was entitled to an election certificate.
Minnesota Public Radio says the ads will run on KSTP-AM and AM950 through the end of the week.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele spoke out in support of Coleman and his upcoming appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court:

"I am glad that Sen. Coleman is appealing the recent court order in Minnesota. More than 4,400 voters remain disenfranchised because judges ignored equal protection concerns and the facts from Election Day. The Republican Party will continue to strongly support Sen. Coleman's appeals until we are confident that no voter is left behind."
And if you haven't read enough national news sources talking about Minnesota, check out this New York Times piece on the battle.