Coleman: Anyone but Franken could have whooped me in election

When the DFL endorsed Al Franken for U.S. Senate, it was a dream come true for Norm Coleman. He wouldn't be this close to claiming a second term if it weren't for their terribly poor judgment, Coleman says.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Coleman said any other DFLer would have whooped him in the election. The fangs are coming out as both sides start to get bitter about the never-ending battle for the seat.

Funny thing is, Franken is winning right now. In other words, any DFLer could have beat Coleman, an incumbent? Now that's sad.

More from the AP:
"I think any Democrat other than Al Franken would have been elected," Coleman told The Associated Press in an interview. "A Minnesota-bred, traditional Democratic candidate probably could have waltzed into office in this cycle." 
Coleman said the economic downturn and the unpopularity of President Bush created a tough environment for Republicans, and pointed out that several Republican senators from Democratic-leaning states lost in November. 
A spokeswoman for Franken didn't immediately return a phone message seeking comment. Franken grew up in Minnesota, but left after high school and moved back in 2005.
Yes, let's insult our opponents a little more. The sting just feels so good.