Coffee Party, antidote to teabaggers, lists Minnesota chapter, plans March 13 gathering


No one is ever going to mistake Annabel Park, who came up with the idea of The Coffee Party Movement, for a teabagger. While Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck work their followers into a froth with cries of Marxist takeovers, Park's standing quietly on a snowy street corner, exuding, well, normalcy. And maybe that's the point. Her secret weapon: She's going to sing lullabies to all those Fox News bloviators so that they take deep long, deep naps. Check out the video:

The group, which morphed from a Facebook gathering spot to The Coffee Party USA, says it's planning a national meet-up day on Saturday, March 13, and lists a Minnesota chapter, although its page -- accessible only by registering -- only has a few posts on it right now, and nothing about the meet-up.