CNN's Amber Lyon ducks Village Voice interview over bogus sex trafficking data

It's bad enough that CNN mindlessly parrots junk data about U.S. child sex trafficking in order to scare viewers and score ratings points. It's worse that CNN falsely suggests our parent company, Village Voice Media, didn't cooperate about its property for their sensationalist report on child sex trafficking.

But what really takes takes the cake is that Amber Lyon, the CNN reporter behind both of those incidents, helped raise money for one of the sources she used in her own stories.And as Village Voice editor Tony Ortega writes this week, while Lyon inaccurately reported that VVM wouldn't talk with CNN, Lyon herself refused to be interviewed by the Village Voice for its own investigation.

Check out Ortega's piece as well as the video and the transcript evidence that Lyon is a little too close to her sources. The story is part of VVM's ongoing series, The Truth Behind Sex Trafficking.

The whole series got rolling with a City Pages cover story on the junk science that feeds the panic spurred by the Women' Funding Network.