CNN journalist, seven others, arrested on Fargo sandbag levees

When Fargo police make rules to keep people safe during the flood, they aren't joking around.

A CNN journalist along with seven other people were arrested after they were caught standing on sandbag dikes along the flooded Red River in Fargo. The journalist seemed to have been trying to get the perfect shot when he was busted by police, says the Associated Press.

Fargo Police Sgt. Ross Renner told the AP that officers arrested alleged offenders Wednesday and Thursday when they were caught climbing in the dikes. Any others found on top of the levees will be arrested to keep everyone safe and avoid possible leaks.

Police believe (can't they check on this?) that all of the people arrested have been released. We will update if CNN provides any information, but they didn't have a comment for the AP.

Here is an iReport about the sandbagging effort:

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