CNN International profiles Minneapolis's economy

Yes, things are bad. The state's unemployment is skyrocketing and not expected to improve anytime soon. The stock market is falling fast with no indication as to where the bottom is. Twin Cities' home prices continue to tumble.

But it could be worse.

In a write-up that somehow manages to be both thoroughly depressing and reassuring (that is, in a "well-at-least-we're-not-Detroit" kind of way), examines our ailing but still kicking economy. The piece was posted yesterday; read it here.

The gist: Things are shitty in Minne, but slightly less shitty than the average American city, thanks in part to a robust health care industry. Another silver lining: local theater companies are thriving as Twin Citians flock to the theater to escape reality.

Krista Bergert, the communications director for the city's Community Planning and Economic Development Department, says local theater companies have been thriving -- some even selling out each night. She explains that people want to escape reality but aren't able to physically travel very far or to even see the Broadway tours when they stop in town because, even though they tend to be glitzier, they're also much pricier.

In a other reality-escaping news, alcohol (and presumably drug) sales are on the rise.