CNN calls Twin Cities "hot for summer"

One of the fabled 10,000.
One of the fabled 10,000.
Photo: aturkus

Fresh off being named one of Men's Journal's coolest cities in America, and one of National Geographic's 10 Best Summer Trips, CNN has gone and called the Twin Cities "hot for summer."

Indeed we are. Especially when we suffer the indignity of watching snow fall on May Day.

And we appreciate the positive notices, even if we're too polite to jump for joy and send out press releases.

Summer? What summer?
Summer? What summer?

In the online feature, "all platform journalist" Chris Welch -- is he running for a train? -- lists the usual local gems that we all take for granted here in flyover country, including everything from the Fitzgerald Theater to the Chain of Lakes to Nice Ride rental bikes. He also extols the virtues of the Aster Cafe and First Avenue, and even works in a reference to The Gayest City in America.

Sounds great. When does Anderson Cooper show up to anchor a week of AC360?


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