Clay Matthews, golden-maned Packers linebacker, scores shampoo deal

Clay Matthews gets his Fabio on.

Clay Matthews gets his Fabio on.

While the rest of the Green Bay Packers have been prepping for the Super Bowl XLV, long-haired linebacker Clay Matthews has been shopping for a shampoo endorsement.


The 6-feet 3-inch, 255-pound favorite for NFL Defensive Player of the Year has just inked a deal with Unilever's Suave brand. The deal means Matthews and The Hair will make media appearances together before and after the Super Bowl, and maybe shoot a commercial.


The news means that the Super Bowl will also be the Hair Product Bowl: Matthews and the Packers will be facing off against the Pittsburgh Steelers and their safety Troy Polamalu, who recently landed a pile of cash with Head & Shoulders.

It's about time, Matthews says.

"I've been throwing it out there and just getting shunned," he told CNBC. "I don't know what it is. America, I'm looking for a hair deal!"

Whip your hair, Clay Matthews.

Whip your hair, Clay Matthews.

Mission accomplished, Mr. Matthews. Time to get your Fabio on. Time to whip your hair.