Clay Aiken and Reed Kelly: Claymates for life?


Reed Kelly, the son of former St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly and dancer for the Broadway show Wicked, is dating American Idol superstar Clay Aiken, if you believe Star Magazine and the bloggers over at The Pioneer Press.

They apparently met while Clay was preforming in the Broadway show Spamalot. The couple was pictured in this month's Star Magazine. "Everybody knows Reed as Clay's guy," a Broadway insider was quoted saying.

We can only wonder what is going through the former mayor's head. He's been keeping a low profile ever since he lost his bid for reelection when, as a Democrat, he endorsed and campaigned for President Bush in 2004.

His brother must be a little jilted too. Ryan Kelly served as Daddy's campaign manager and was a prominent broker during the RNC.

If we are lucky Reed will bring Clay home for the holidays.