Clarence Robinson, fugitive sex offender, on the run for a second time

The Minnesota Department of Corrections is asking locals to keep their eyes peeled for Clarence Robinson, who is on the lam for the second time in his criminal career. This guy is quite the escape artist. His method of choice: Walking casually away.

This time, Robinson strolled away from the halfway house in Minneapolis where he was supposed to be serving out the remainder of his sentence. But his first escape was spectacularly embarrassing for law enforcement.

Throughout the '90s, Robinson was convicted of a string of burglaries and theft-related charges. In 1997, he broke into a woman's house, bound her hands and feet, and raped her, according to the DOC.

Robinson was in custody for that crime at the Carver County Jail in Chaska when a door magically unlocked in front of him. A guard in the master control room had hit the wrong button, and after an alarm sounded yet another guard checked the wrong door and counted the wrong number of heads. Robinson had seven minutes to ask fellow inmates for some directions (go past the pickle factory and straight on 'til morning), step outside in stocking feet and take off into the night. A massive two-day manhunt was unable to find him.

However, after suffering cuts and scratches all over his arms and legs, and spending one night in a doghouse, the cold and battered fugitive gave up. He broke into a home to use the phone and negotiate his own capture.

This time, Robinson had to be even less creative. He simply walked away from his halfway house in Minneapolis, where he had been living for just three days since his release from Stillwater Correctional into intensive supervised custody.

Take a close look. Authorities describe him as 6'2", 175 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing blue jeans, a light blue button-down collar shirt, and a blue puffy jacket:

Clarence Robinson
Clarence Robinson

Anyone with tips should call 651-603-0026.

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