C.J. apologizes to Jana Shortal, 'some readers' upset by her terrible column

Jana Shortal has been apologized to. Ok? OKAY?!

Jana Shortal has been apologized to. Ok? OKAY?!

The most-talked about column in C.J.'s long career with the Minneapolis Star Tribune wasn't printed in the paper, and is no longer available on the paper's website.

At least now C.J. is, in the smallest of ways, acknowleding that some people hated what she wrote about the outfit Jana Shortal wore during a TV news segment on Jacob Wetterling. 

After a day of howls for the Star Tribune writer to apologize, as her newspaper did immediately last night, the gossip-er acquiesced this evening. Her four-sentence effort will probably leave some of her critics unsatisfied. Here 's the apology is in its entirety:

"A column I wrote and that was briefly published Wednesday has created a lot of anger and confusion among some readers. I want you to know that I’m sorry it hurt Jana Shortal and I have told her so. At the time, in my own sadness about the horribly tragic Jacob Wetterling news, I was trying to urge maximum respect for the family and that led me to comment on someone’s attire. In hindsight, that was a mistake and I understand the perspective of those upset by it.

"Some readers"? Right. Let us know when you track down all those readers who think C.J. was absolutely right going after a newscaster's pants during a story about a tragedy.

Anyway, there's your explanation. C.J. was just so concerned about the Wetterlings, she couldn't help herself from writing paragraph after paragraph about Shortal's "skinny jeans."

You'd understand if you cared more about the family.