City settles with Gabby's Bar for $201,000


The City's three year investigation and court battle to block black people from drinking alcohol at Gabby's bar ended with a settlement. It will pay Gabby's Bar, a total sum of $201,000 in refunded penalties and legal fees. As for the beleaguered councilwoman who is the cause of all this wasted effort, Diane Hofstede, she'll have to find some other ridiculous thing to fight. (Try the hipsters outside Lyle's!)

The loss makes Hofstede look out of touch with folks younger than Stevie Wonder, an important block of voters, as Wonder is really freaking old. This misguided fight is also her second embarrassing battle within a year. She was the one pushing for a ban on front porch couches, threatening the vibe of peaceful one hitters on a Friday afternoon.

If only she'd interact with her constituents...

From the Strib:

But Ormond blames her for the dispute, saying he's gotten along well with previous Third Ward officeholders. "It just blows my mind that one council member can come in and do what she did," he said. "She has never ever stepped a foot in Gabby's. She has no clue what we did in Gabby's."

The Strib points out that Hofstede "said Thursday that the court ruling made clear a settlement was the best course." That can be interpreted as, "Oh shit. If this goes to a Federal Level and judges find out we targeted a black audience we are epically screwed."

But now this $201,000 mess (not included: time wasted by inspectors, city council members, lawyers and police) is behind her, what will Hofstede go after next? Being a former member of the library board our guess is the "D" dictionary. That junk hanging between the legs of David just ain't suitable for a progressive society.