City responds to development ruling


The Minneapolis City Attorney issued a statement this afternoon about a suit it lost to developer Brad Hoyt today. The city is not too happy with the judge's ruling.

Hoyt's attorney, William Skolnick, considers the decision by Judge Stephen Aldrich a victory because Aldrich agreed that Hoyt's rights to due process were violated in regards to a development he proposed for Loring Park. Aldrich's decision positions Skolnick to argue that Hoyt should be awarded $23.6 million in damages. Click to the earlier blog for more details on the case.

Susan Segal, Minneapolis City Attorney, focused her statement on the two claims that Hoyt lost: 1. violation of his rights under the Equal Protection clause and 2. violation of his rights to substantive due process. In dismissing these claims, the judge agreed that the city had factual reasons to deny the development application. Here's the statement Segal issued:

"We are pleased that the Court recognized both that the City had an appropriate factual basis to deny the Plaintiff's application and that the proposed project was inconsistent with the City's Downtown 2010 Plan.

We are disappointed the Court ruled against the City as to its process in connection with the application and are reviewing the decision and analyzing its implications."

No official word yet on whether the city will appeal, but insiders say that an appeal is likely.

The controversy was over a proposed tower for the Loring Park neighborhood. It was fairly unpopular among the neighbors, but Hoyt claimed that Councilmember Lisa Goodman unfairly stirred up the neighborhood against him and did not give him a fair hearing.