City Pages: Your Trusted Source of Adult/Mature News

During a whirlwind tour of the Carolinas yesterday, nowhere I scurried had a reliable wireless access point. Separated from communications and work, I don't mind telling you I felt a little naked. And not like Paul Demko naked, either. Finally, sitting down inside the Charlotte airport, I got my fix.

Bless you, Charlotte airport! You and your free WiFi connection have salvaged my trip! Now, let's dial up the City Pages blogs and see what the magic elves have concocted in my absence.

Wait. What's that you're trying to tell me, Charlotte airport?

City Pages: Your Trusted Source of Adult/Mature News

Needless to say, being mature and adult is an accusation we don't get too often. I'm going to savor this.

Odder still, it's just the blogs that are so affected. Hence, if you're looking for immature content -- you know who you are -- you're going to have to turn to the homepage, Sparky.

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