City Pages wins 27 SPJ Page One Awards, 15 first place honors

The Minnesota chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists held their annual Page One Awards banquet Thursday night to honor the best journalism in the state.


City Pages took home 27 awards, including 15 first-place honors. In 2008, CP won 16 SPJ awards, eight of them first place.

Pioneer Press won 28 awards, nine of them first place. Star Tribune brought home 15 awards, 8 of them first place. Duluth News Tribune was another big winner with 23 awards, 15 of them first place in the under 50K circulation category. The Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal won 21 awards, 11 of them first-place honors.

We had a great time at the banquet and want to congratulate all winners. Check out the full list of the CP wins below. We will update with the complete list of winners later this morning.

Here is the rundown of all CP wins last night. All print awards are for newspapers over 50K circulation.

News and Feature
Short feature: First Place
Ward Rubrecht-- "Settled dust reveals concealed carry stalemate"

Investigative: First Place
Jonathan Kaminsky-- "The Slumlord of South Minneapolis"

Spot news: Second Place
Matt Snyders-- "Moles Wanted"

Long feature: Second Place
Matt Snyders-- "Gimme Shelter: A week of living in the streets"

Spot news: First Place
Kevin Hoffman-- "UFC 87: The fight of Roger Huerta's life"

Feature: Third Place
Bradley Campbell-- "The Endless Winter"

Editorial and Opinion
Editorial page cartoon: First Place
Kevin Cannon-- "Xcape from Xcel"

General Column: First Place
Matt Snyders-- "The Drug Test"

Graphics and Illustrations
Spot news: First Place
Mike Kooiman-- "Skate Or Die"

In-depth: First Place
Jon Krause-- "A Long Way Down"

Art and illustration: Second Place
Dan Picasso, Nick Vlcek-- "Strike Anywhere"

General news: First Place
Cameron Wittig-- "Dosh's World"

Sports: First Place
Nick Vlcek-- "Franchise 2.0"

Feature: First Place
Nick Vlcek-- "Gimme Shelter"

Photo essay: First Place
Alec Soth-- "Freeze Frame"

Pictorial: First Place
 Nick Vlcek-- "Hairball"

Portrait: Second Place
Nick Vlcek-- "Summer Girl"

Page Design/Layout
Feature page layout: First Place
Nick Vlcek-- "Tron Guy"

Feature headline: First Place
Will Staehle-- "Slumlord of South Minneapolis"

Page 1 layout: Second Place
Nick Vlcek-- "Superheroes in Real Life"

Section front layout: Second Place
Nick Vlcek-- "Sex 'n' Drugs 'n' Awesome Hair"

Packages, special sections
Best special section, newspapers: First Place
City Pages Staff-- "Best of ..."

Best overall newspaper package: Second Place
City Pages Staff-- "Field Guide to the Republican National Convention"

Online, affiliated Web site
Best affiliated news Web site: Second Place
Newsroom Staff-- ""

Best single news story: Second Place
Matt Snyders-- "RNC Arrests: Police State of Mind"

Best continuing coverage: Second Place
Newsroom Staff-- "Elephants in the Room"

Best newsroom blog: Second Place Newsroom Staff-- "The Blotter"

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