City Pages wins 12 first-place SPJ Page One awards

Here are our first-place finishers:

Long Feature [Newspaper]

First Place: Matt Snyders, Fletcher's Gang

Business News [Newspaper]
First Place: Bradley Campbell and Matt Snyders, Craigslist Declassified

Sports News [Newspaper]
First Place: Erin Carlyle, Favre at Forty

Layout [Newspaper]
First Place: Nick Vlcek, Famous Enough

Best Issue [Newspaper]
First Place: Newsroom Staff, Best of the Twin Cities 2009

Best Cover [Magazine]
First Place: Ana Bagaya, Age Of Consent

Best Page Design [Magazine]
First Place: Nick Vlcek, Catcher in the Raw

Best Feature Design [Magazine]
First Place: Nick Vlcek, The Sound and the Fury

Best Commissioned Illustration [Magazine]
First Place: Dan Picasso, Fairmongering

Best Feature Photo [Photography]
First Place: Nick Vlcek, Treasure Hunt

Art and Illustration [Newspaper]
First Place: Lou Fancher and Steve Johnson, The Doctor Will Shock You Now

Best Commissioned Magazine Photo [Photography]
First Place: Ellie Bjorklund, Steve Cohen, Nick Vlcek , Andrea Swensson, Year In Music

Best Newsroom Blog [Online]
First Place: Newsroom Staff, The Blotter

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