City Pages website among highest market penetrations of any weekly in the country

In advance of us launching our new website today, it's relevent to note that has the sixth highest market penetration of any alternative weekly in the country according to a new report issued by Media Audit.

Alternative newspaper websites with the highest market penetration include: Madison Wisconsin's Isthmus (13.5% of the market), then:

* The Austin Chronicle (11.4%)

* Charleston, Carolina's Charleston City Paper (10.3%)

* The New Haven Advocate (10%)

* The Memphis Flyer (9.5%)

* Minneapolis City Pages (9.2%)

* Madison, Wisconsin's The Onion (8.9%)

* New Orleans' Gambit Newsweekly (8.8%)

* Syracuse New Times (8.3%)

* Washington D.C.'s The Onion (8.2%)