City Pages website among highest market penetrations of any weekly in the country

In advance of us

launching our new website today

, it's relevent to note that has the sixth highest market penetration of any alternative weekly in the country according to a new


issued by Media Audit.

Alternative newspaper websites with the highest market penetration include: Madison Wisconsin's Isthmus (13.5% of the market), then:

* The Austin Chronicle (11.4%)

* Charleston, Carolina's Charleston City Paper (10.3%)

* The New Haven Advocate (10%)

* The Memphis Flyer (9.5%)

* Minneapolis City Pages (9.2%)

* Madison, Wisconsin's The Onion (8.9%)

* New Orleans' Gambit Newsweekly (8.8%)

* Syracuse New Times (8.3%)

* Washington D.C.'s The Onion (8.2%)

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