City Pages People Issue 2016


Extraordinary hides in ordinary places. People who leave the most lasting impressions upon us rarely sell out concert halls or get four-star reviews. We bump into them in the crowd, at the grocery store, or know their work but not their face. And that's fine by them.

Unfortunately, those most deserving of a spotlight rarely stand beneath one. So let's change that, shall we?

With our second annual People Issue, we celebrate the uncelebrated who make the Twin Cities a better, more vibrant and interesting place to live.

Tom Loftus: The Uniter

If running a stalwart Twin Cities indie-rock label wasn't cool enough, Loftus is somewhat of a mini-golf ambassador to the Middle East.

Frezgi Hiskias: The Giver

It takes a lot of strength to survive a lightning strike. Forty years later, the hospice nurse from Eritrea is still fighting through pain to care for the terminally ill.

Jason Garcia: The Guardian

This hulking local man volunteers outside a Planned Parenthood in St. Paul so women can get the care they need.

Madeleine Baran: The Reporter

This intrepid journalist exposed decades-long clergy abuse cover-up by the Archdiocese of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Laura Day: The Sporting Pioneer

The savvy sports executive helped pave the way for women in what was once a boys club.

Sarah Edwards: The Big Heart

Through her nonprofit I AM Kindness, she triggers chain reactions of good deeds.

Lachelle Cunningham: The People's Chef

This standout chef makes her North Side community healthier by bringing fresh, nutritious food to a neighborhood starved for it.

Ruhel Islam: The Steward of Mother Nature

With Gandhi Mahal in Longfellow, Islam has become a quiet leader in local, eco-friendly food and community building.

Vivian Mims: The One-Woman Welcoming Committee

Mims' warming disposition permeates the south Minneapolis grocery store she graces.