City Pages news quiz: The craven gladhanders edition

class=img_thumbleft>Match, if you will, the state Republican politician with her five leading campaign donors. (Note: The companies themselves have not filled the candidate's coffers. Rather, donors are required to disclose their employers on federal forms.)

1. Norm "Kitty" Coleman 2. Mark "Money" Kennedy 3. Michelle "Warbucks" Bachmann 4. John "Cash" Kline

A. Target B. Crown Holdings [product packaging] C. UnitedHealth Group D. ECA Marketing E. Cargill F. Lakeville Motor Express G. BAE Systems [defense contractor] H. Desert Caucus [U.S.-Israel relations] I. Wells Fargo J. Becker Furniture World K. U.S. Bancorp L. Frauenshuh Companies [commercial real estate] M. Metro Gem Inc. [corporate finance] N. TCF Financial O. 3M P. National Beer Wholesalers Association

Hint: Target, U.S. Bancorp, and United Health appear on the top-five list for more than one hungry-pocketed pol. All records come from the fund-tracking site