City Pages' most popular slideshows of 2009

If a picture can say 1,000 words, here's a whole lot of talkin'. Enjoy and we'll see you in 2010 at

20. Coachella 2009: Half-Dressed People & Scenes from the Desert

Easily in the top three festivals in the country, Coachella 2009 did what it does best: Bring together the hipper-than-thou music lovers for three days of peaceful and desert-hot good times.

Bradley Campbell's dish piece on Minnesota legislators through the eyes of local lobbyists made quite the splash last spring.  Lobbyists on Rep. Paul Thissen (left): "A real rock star. Any political wannabe would be smart to hitch his train. If he were governor, we'd be much better off." You hear that, T-Paw?

16. Bodies exhibit makes controversial debut at MOA

Paris banned the exhibit because they said it disrespectfully displayed human corpses for profit. Ticket sales -- and our traffic on this slideshow -- says you think otherwise. 


City Pages' most popular slideshows of 2009
Kris Drake 

15. 'Lili's Best of Midwest Burlesk Festival' proves cornfed babes are mega sexy

Despite the chapped skin, dry hair and hibernation, one thing rang true at the Ritz Theater on Jan. 22, 2009: In any season, Midwest ladies are total babes.

From the "Pick-Up Artist" to "Joe The Plumber," and Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, find out who really sucked at life in 2008.

City Pages' most popular slideshows of 2009
Denis Jeong Plaster

For CP Photobooth installment #3, we featured some hot (and weird) people in the Twin Cities. 

City Pages' most popular slideshows of 2009
Phillip Werst

Portland Avenue in South Minneapolis was one of the worst spots in the city hit by the sudden tornado last August. These photos are from between 37th and 42nd avenues.


City Pages' most popular slideshows of 2009
Denis Jeong Plaster

Even the Minneapolis Police Department showed up to strike a pose, making it one of our most favorite photos on the site ever.

Why you would wear any of these is really beyond us when you can make a tin foil hat, get drunk and run around town like everyone else for under $50.

City Pages' most popular slideshows of 2009
Denis Jeong Plaster

8.First Avenue Halloween: Best costumes in the city

City Pages' most popular slideshows of 2009
Andrea Swensson

7. Minneapolis tornado damage: Uptown, Southside, Electric Fetus

Overheard in Minneapolis: "Even the tornado didn't want to take I-35." The result: a detour through a beloved record store. 

City Pages' most popular slideshows of 2009
Amber Schadewald

6. Twin Cities Pride 2009: A slideshow adventure

One of the craziest weekends in Minneapolis captured on film. It was a ride on a magical rainbow we'll not forget.


5. Black Friday at The Loft gets into some sexy body painting (NSFW) 

4. NSFW: Pornstar couple Vin Vericose and Andy San Dimas 

A Fox Sunday broadcast inadvertently showed Viking tight-end Visanthe Shiancoe's manhood for a millisecond earlier this year. So we walked down penis-slip memory lane and haven't been able to escape it ever since.

From Craigslist's inception in 1995 to St. Olaf student Katherine Olson's death to the slayings that has the website under fire, we took a look at the events that led up to the Concert For Katherine memorial that took place in May in Minneapolis. Click here for the in-depth story.

City Pages' most popular slideshows of 2009

Lindsay Lohan's Fake Tanner wins on this one because 1) misspelled numbers are awesome and 2) so is being orange. We present to you Lindsay Lohan's Sevin Nyne, guaranteed to turn you radioactively tan instantly, as well as 9 other bad celeb side projects.

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