City Pages food critic featured in 'Best Food Writing 2009'


We are very proud to announce that City Pages food critic Rachel Hutton will have an article featured in Da Capo's "Best Food Writing 2009" book. The annual round-up of the best pieces of the year will be out in November.

Editors chose Hutton's Spam piece, "Spam: It's Not Just for Inboxes Anymore". The article profiles the Minnesota-based product, which has gained popularity as a legitimate (and cheap) food item again in the recession. Hutton offers some suggestions on how to make the canned meat edible.

Some of our sister paper writers are also featured in the book: New Times Broward-Palm Beach's John Linn ("Highway to Hog Heaven"), SF Weekly's Peter Jamison ("Out of the Wild"), and Westword's Jason Sheehan ("The Last of the Great $10 Steaks"). Other alt-weekly writers featured include The Stranger's Bethany Jean Clement ("The Beauty of the Beast") and Washington City Paper's Tim Carman ("How Not to Hire a Chef").

The book is scheduled to be released this fall. Order a copy here.