City Pages doesn't believe Stephen Curry scored 38 points last night

Stephen Curry appears to be celebrating a basketball play in this photo. But did this even happen?

Stephen Curry appears to be celebrating a basketball play in this photo. But did this even happen? Associated Press

Don't believe everything you read.

Not in the age of Twitter, this Commander in Chief, Russian bots and trolls, spam, 4chan, email forwards, and bullshit books by men who, on second thought, would like to give information against the dumb brat he helped win.

But shouldn't you believe everything you ... see? Like, isn't video still legit?

Maybe not. There are people who've watched John F. Kennedy's murder many times over who still don't believe Lee Harvey Oswald killed him. Not by himself, anyway. No man that great could've been brought down by a single nutjob with a simple vendetta.

Or, say, take 9/11. Who hasn't seen planes fly into those buildings? And who hasn't seen those buildings come down? And yet, who's seen those videos more than the dudes (and it is almost always dudes) obsessed with the notion that it could not have been the work of Osama bin Laden, a well-known entity by that 2001, and instead had to be somehow even more insidious: an inside job, a conspiracy cooked up at home.

Frankly, the theory comes close to cultural imperialism, as if a brown man who lived in caves could never hurt us that bad; only white guys in suits could hatch such violence. Please.

As of this morning, there's reason to believe Stephen Curry, basketball's most transformational offensive talent since they told Lew Alcindor to stop dunking, does not think man's ever been to the moon. His reasoning for this remains unclear, though even if we had it in full, we'd probably think twice about treating it credibly. 

Per Deadspin, Curry said on a recent podcast episode "Mm-mm," when asked, a second time, if astronauts ever touched down on the rock in the sky. 

Uh, Stephen? There's videotape of this happening. These guys were real people who came back and told their stories over and over again, for years. The Right Stuff is a true story. So's Hidden FiguresBesides, Stephen, do you think if the U.S. government was gonna conspire to the extent that everyone in this country and every other country believed they'd made it... and they needed to fake the video... do you think they'd hire... an outspoken and unpredictable Jewish radical?

Anyway. To each his own. Teach your children well. Below, find a video that appears to show Stephen Curry lighting up the Minnesota Timberwolves from start to finish in a game played Monday, December 10, 2018, in the Bay Area of California. Curry appears to finish with 38 points, and statisticians who claim to have been in attendance credit him with seven rebounds, six assists, two steals, and a block. 

We at City Pages aren't so sure. Your eyes can deceive you. The moon looks pretty far away from here, and it's often hard to believe Stephen Curry, devilishly charming and talented basktball wizard, has done what you think you just saw him do. Suspicion is a natural emotion. Make up your mind for yourself.