City Pages' Bob Davis coverage gets love on Colbert Report [VIDEO]

Colbert criticized Davis for talking the talk (from a radio booth), but not walking the walk.
Colbert criticized Davis for talking the talk (from a radio booth), but not walking the walk.

Last night, Stephen Colbert became the latest person to put AM 1130 host Bob Davis on blast for telling families of the Sandy Hook shooting victims they can "go to hell."

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During his nightly "The Word" segment, Colbert quoted a number of political and media figures who seem to believe "grieving families aren't the real victims, gun owners are." He said the point is "driven home by conservative radio host Bob Davis."

Colbert then ran the audio of the April 12 Davis & Emmer show, where Davis said the following to families of the Newtown victims: "I'm sorry that you suffered a tragedy, but you know what? Deal with it, and don't force me to lose my liberty, which is a greater tragedy than your loss."

In response, Colbert said, "Yes, the parents of Newtown only lost their children, but Bob Davis might have to fill out some forms at a gun show. That's a precious waste of time -- time that could be spent yelling at people who have lost their children. And, folks, Davis already knows what he'd yell."

Colbert then ran more of the Davis & Emmer audio, specifically the part where Davis notoriously said: "I'm sick and tired of seeing these victims trotted out, given rides on Air Force One, hauled into the Senate well, and everyone is just afraid -- they're terrified of these victims. I would stand in front of them and tell them, 'go to hell.'"

After the audio, up popped a screengrab of our post about a Sandy Hook resident who offered to fly Davis out to Connecticut so he could repeat his "go to hell" remark to the faces of the Newtown families.

"Finally, someone with the courage to tell off these Newtown parents to their faces," Colbert said. "And folks, he would do it. In fact, when one Sandy Hook resident offered to fly him out to Connecticut, Davis proved he not only talks the talks, he walks the... hasn't responded."

"Well, he's probably busy answering fan mail," Colbert concluded.

Here's the footage:

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