City Pages blogger robbed in skyway

The robbery occurred in the stretch of skyway crossing LaSalle shown in this map.
The robbery occurred in the stretch of skyway crossing LaSalle shown in this map.

Around 6:30 p.m. last night, I was standing in a deserted stretch of skyway above LaSalle Avenue between 9th Street South and 10th Street South talking on the phone with my dad when two male African-Americans who appeared to be roughly between the ages of 16 and 20 walked past me toward the downtown Target store.

I thought absolutely nothing of it until about 30 seconds later, when the two approached me again from the other direction. One of them told me to "empty your pockets" as it dawned on me I was being robbed.

With my dad still on the line, I instinctively handed over my phone. Then, the same suspect, with one of his hands in his windbreaker, said, "What else you got? Give me your wallet. Give it to me or I'll pop you." I reached into my pocket and unthinkingly did as asked, and as soon as I did the two turned and took off toward Target.

The entire altercation probably took no more than 20 seconds, during which time there wasn't another person in sight. Walking back toward LaSalle Plaza in a haze, I didn't see anybody else until I was in the vicinity of the Art Institutes International.

Both suspects are thin and roughly 5'10' tall. The one who threatened to "pop" me had highlighted dreadlocks that came down just below his ears and was wearing a dark windbreaker. The other had buzzed hair and I seem to recall him wearing a flannel shirt, though the whole thing happened so quickly and unexpectedly that my recollections aren't very vivid.

After I got home, I called the 1st Precinct and filed a police report. The officer I spoke with said it was likely the robbery was captured on skyway security cameras.

The incident number is 13-407984.

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