City of Minneapolis website publicizes landlord license revocations

Check a landlord's record first.
Check a landlord's record first.

Is your landlord a dirtbag?

The City of Minneapolis feels your pain. It's just launched a website that posts the names of all property owners dating back to 2005 who have had their rental licenses revoked; their properties condemned or demolished; or who have been ruled ineligible to hold a rental license for five years.

A downloadable spreadsheet names the offending landlord, links to the relevant City Council action, and the address of the problem property.

For example, the council took action on Sept. 23, 2005, against Spiros Zorbalas:

Rental Dwelling License at 3121 Cedar Av: Concur with recommendation of Rental Licensing Board of Appeals to revoke license held by Spiros Zorbalas for failure to meet licensing standard of Conduct on Licensed Premises; and that Order to vacate building for 60 days be stayed, subject to conditions. Action Taken: Approved.

And on September 24, 2010, it did the same to Randy Olson and Jeniffer Deboer:

Rental Dwelling Licenses at 2706 Russell Av N; 3235 Dupont Av N; 1623 Thomas Av N; 2801 James Av N; and 1942 Xerxes Av N: Revoke licenses held by Randy Olson and Jennifer Deboer; and Deny application for a rental license for 2801 James Av N. Action Taken: Approved.

The city says that it has increased the number of rental license revocations by 500 percent in the past few years, in part thanks to changes in more than two dozen ordinances strengthening rental licensing and property ownership standards.

Bookmark the Holding Property Owners Accountable page before you write a deposit check on your apartment -- or if you wonder whether the dump across the street is run by someone on the up and up.

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